New Job, City and Second Chance


As 2015 begins, new perceptions and visions have already taken off. The thought of leaving competitive softball to open up time for traveling, do more spin classes and yoga have all been avenues I’ve wanted to explore. Not to mention, adding in more time with my mom is a crucial factor. More importantly, being hired back into the ad agency atmosphere doing exactly what my home page states, becoming a SEO Leader, is unfolding right in front of me. A lot of these factors would not have surfaced if I didn’t have people in my life inspiring, pushing and never stopped believing in me when it got tough. By 27, I never would have imagined working with top brand companies providing them with my SEO knowledge. In hindsight, moving back to the DFW area and hearing from iProspect in a very short amount of time being here was a God send. I believe every
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How Can we Learn The Meaning of Dedication From Veterans

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Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to define one word – dedication. All that I can think about is how many men and women that are Veterans that lived this day in and day out. They put EVERYTHING on the line for our country. Saying goodbye to their family, friends and the world they once know out of pure dedication to serving our country for “X” amount of years. Two close people come to my mind yesterday on Veterans Day, my step-brother Blake and a high-school friend Greg. Both of them have gone over seas to fight for our country, dedicating their life, leaving behind their wife and kid(s). Dedication can come in many ways. One can be dedicated to their job, hobby, working out or whatever they want to spend their “efforts and time on.” Whatever that/those “something(s)” may be in your life it comes back to the following
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It’s Never Goodbye, but See You Later

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Ever since I made the decision to move back to Dallas, September 29, not a day passed by where factors of living in San Francisco will forever be a part of me. Since my return, October 13, (the day the Wright Amendment was lifted and I was on the first flight from SFO to LoveField) I have been counting several reasons to be grateful to be in a city that has taught me so much about myself in a six-month time frame. 1) If I didn’t leap at the opportunity I would have never known what life there would be like.  Very few people don’t take chances. I knew in my heart that if I didn’t take it now, that the odds of me going back would be slim to none. I am grateful of the opportunity and will definitely never forget living in San Francisco. However, being back in Texas I
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Friends Are Your Family


As several of you know, I’ve had the opportunity to recently go back home for 10 days. Along the way I saw several friends, family and others including the NAGAAA family that I love dearly. Having the Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) in my hometown was life changing. I was honored that my AlleyCats welcomed me back with open arms. Most importantly though I enjoyed spending time with my best friend, being a part of the GSWS, seeing my cousin’s wedding, being there for my nephew’s second birthday party, catching up on life over breakfast or drinks with people I consider mentors and spending priceless moments with my mom and Pepaw. With that said, on October 13 I have a one-way ticket back to Dallas. I’ve realized that often times dreams and other “desires” aren’t the same without the friends and family that support you along the way. In Dallas, being around the people I
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The Power of One Event – NAGAAA World Series

As many of you know, there is one group of people in my life that will always be family to me. The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (N.A.G.A.A.A.). My journey began in 2011 when someone who is now a dear friend of mine, Steven Adams, invited me to a Beers & Balls when I was living in Houston, TX. Little did I anticipate how far it would bring me this far in my walk of life. After practicing with him, and going to a game I eventually started playing. My first full season with a team in Dallas, that was a start-up team coached by someone who is now on the Board of the Dallas chapter, Albert Morales. The 2012 season got my name and skills (Defensive Player of the Year) noticed in the league and I was picked up by Dallas Boom for the 2013 season. In 2013,
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Lost Stars and Aquatic Park Firework Show

As the weekend came for the annual”Holt” reunion, I had to pick between going to that event or being at my cousin’s wedding (which most of them will attend anyways) in September. I chose the wedding in hopes of avoiding the triple digit temperatures of Lake Murray. To help keep my mind off the family reunion along with the best breakfast meal in the world is my family’s eggs, biscuits, sausage and gravy. Not to mention grandma’s Oreo dessert pudding in the evening… So to help past the time, I hung out with Panna, went to a firework show and saw a film that had a song in it called Lost Stars. Thursday, I hung out with someone who is becoming my closest friend in the city, Panna. We had a few drinks and then I called it a night because I knew I had planned a busy 4th of
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Pros and Cons of Living in San Francisco Compared to Texas

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to compile reasons why San Francisco is better than Texas; however it’s impossible to compare a city to a state. So instead I’ll compare it to the two cities I have lived in, Houston and Dallas. There are a handful of reasons I see myself staying in San Francisco compared to the two Texas cities above. Below are my observations: 1)   People Don’t Care What You Do…. Since we live in a society where we make our own way that’s exactly what this city allows an individual to try and accomplish. (For some reason people always thought New York City was the city where dreams come true. Ugh, obviously they haven’t been to San Francisco!) All the tech companies I see striving to reach the top are priceless! From Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest and that company named Google; several tech companies are still
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24 Days Later – The Journey Continues

Even though it’s been 24 days since my 24-hour post before leaving Dallas, posting my next blog 24 days later helps tie my journey together. Every day there is still something new I’m learning. For example, today was my first day to layout at the famous Dolores Park that over looks the Financial District. However, every day tasks (including my Spike’s Coffees & Teas run instead of Starbucks) from working with two amazing tech companies and working from home is a liberating feeling. Over the past three weeks one of my biggest excitements is that I have already joined a softball team, and been asked to play in the Gay Games in Cleveland! Slowly, this city is changing me. The most shocking is not having a vehicle! Also, their way of communicating is different than the southern hospitality that not many people understand. Another item I am missing is chicken
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24 – Live Another Day

Ok, maybe I am no Jack Bauer but in 24 hours I’ll be living another day and boarding a plane heading to San Francisco. Within 24 hours I’ll be in the air with a few bags heading to a city that I only dreamed about living in. That doesn’t mean I won’t be working my ass off to survive, but I look forward to the challenges ahead in one of the most difficult cities to live in with my new career. (Plus, I’ll be able to see one of my “career idols” Todd Defren a lot more!) As I fear the unknown in this new journey, once I get there I will make a new dream board since mine seems to be out of date. Seeing your dreams makes them reality, in my opinion, and achieving them is a priceless emotion. I do look forward to road trips to LA,
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One Week Away – Looking Back

Time flies when you’re having fun… So the saying goes. But what is it like when you’re having so many emotions about moving to a new city? Your family is proud, but nervous for you at the same time. Looking back all I realize is a question that my old Vice President, Wayne Irwin asked me about two years ago: “Where do you want to be in three years?” Without hesitation I told him two cities (San Francisco or New York City), along with still being able to use my public relations background. Looking back on one of the last, and most powerful papers, I wrote in college one quote came to mind about this journey: “The roots of successful decisions often lie in obscure places… The truly great decisions happen. They arise from spur-of-the-moment phone calls…” – Stuart Crainer. Being able to look back and believe that I made,
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